"One Billion Dollars!"
How much do some consulting companies want from Native America to start a SBA 8(a) certified company?
Ok, perhaps a slight exaggeration on how much
consulting companies or individuals with the “black
box”, who will lead a tribe and tribal individuals
company into the lucrative world of becoming SBA 8
(a) certified and reaping the rewards of federal
We have all heard the horror stories at Reservation
Economic Summit (RES) at Las Vegas or other
conferences and gatherings to know there are some
consultants who are really only in the game with
Native America to reap as much profit as  possible.
The worst case I have personally heard was a tribal
enterprise paying consultants over $700,000 and had
yet to submit a SBA 8(a) certification application.
Telling the tribe, they needed to wait until the right
Not to say there are not non-native consulting
companies who are honest and really want the tribe
to succeed in the world of federal contracting.  It’s
just that the horror stories seem to receive more
If your tribe or tribal member owned company has
questions about the SBA 8(a) Small Business
Development program, we at NA8A.com are happy
to review your current status. A second set of eyes
on your project may confirm you are being put on the
right path, or reveal that a change is needed to
ensure success.
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